On Demand

How Does It Work?

Download the Cones App mobile application to get started.  Our app resembles all your other favorites: Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Seamless.  Order & pay on the in-app ice cream truck menu and our crisp, clean, new truck will come directly to you.  You chased us down for long enough!! One of our amazing drivers will ring our famous ice cream truck music when they are approaching to deliver you ‘The Best’ ice cream trucks On Demand. 


We are beyond excited to bring this amazing new service to all the families of Long Island & Brooklyn.

Available Now


What can be more exciting than ordering your favorite ice cream truck via a mobile application?

Whether you want ice cream at your wedding, birthday party, workplace, or school fundraiser, we got you covered.

On Demand Parties

We are stepping up our party game big time to bring 'Long Island & Brooklyn unforgettable events'.  Your event is special & we will accommodate every reasonable host request (we have heard some crazy ones!)        


Our parties are truly On Demand.  Same-day and next-day parties for your spontaneous dinner gathering will be fulfilled.  A few simple clicks through our reservation system and you are all set.  


There’s no better party than a Cones App Party.  Book yours today.